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There are some great hotels and cafes in the heritage listed township of Maldon to enjoy a meal or a wander, so if you need a break don’t forget to pop down.

Restaurants and Places of Interest in Maldon:

  • Maldon Hotel - 58 Main Street
  • Golden Nugget Restaurant - 8 Allans Rd
  • The Maldon Rose - 6 Main Street
  • Café Maldon - 52 Main Street
  • Vanilla Spice (Seasonal Christmas Shop) - 18 High Street
  • The Maldon Lolly Shop - 20 High Street
  • Maldon Takeaway - 10 Main St
  • Maldon Bakery - 51 Main St


The Maldon Rose High Tea Picnic Box

We had a wonderful review from a group that organised a High Tea at their retreat from The Maldon Rose in Main Street. The boxes were collected and enjoyed over lunch.


The Bespoke High Tea Boxes are perfect for two and they feature all the favorite sweet and savory treats that they bake for their High Teas in store.

Of course included are their Award-Winning scones paired with Raspberry Jam and Chantilly Cream.


They also have the most beautiful store that you can pop in and enjoy high tea onsite - either inside or outside in the garden - the scones are really amazing.

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